Jeremiah Brent - USA 2018


Photos: @punikasayshi


One of the most important thing in creating ambiance, I believe, is scent. When I first walk into a space, I almost always notice the fragrance of the room. The visceral reaction to scent is deeply connected to the part of the brain were memory is stored, that's why certain scents can bring us back to a childhood memory or a specific time in our lives. So when decorating a space, never neglect to add a home fragrance to the layer for a complex ambiance that extends beyond the visuals. Here are my picks for the perfect fragrance to any room. What are your favorites? Please share in the comments below.





Smells like: Home

Good for: Everyday home atmosphere

This is my holy grail of home fragrances. I place a handful of this potpourri in small bowls around our house to create a warm ambiance. It reminds me of home every time I catch a whiff of it and never fails to get constant compliments.

United States (USA) 2018